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Semiconductor Memories and Implementation of Queue

Analysis of FIFO



The semiconductor market has been continuously increasing and this growing trend is expected to continue in the coming years. Semiconductor memory technology is an essential element of today's electronics. The processors have become more popular and the need for semiconductor memory is increased with the increase in number of microprocessor controlled devices. The software associated with the processors and computers has become much larger, this has greatly increased the requirement for semiconductor memory. Requirement of semiconductor memory has also increased due to some new applications such as digital cameras. The book begins with types of semiconductor memory. Each class of memory devices comprising random-access memories, serial access memories and content addressable memories have been treated in this book. The different approaches and technologies of ROM etc. are compared. In this book, the different types of FIFO have been explained. In addition to these, the various FIFO architectures have also been discussed. A low latency FIFO has also been analysed and implemented in this book. This design interfaces subsystems on a chip working at different speeds.


Autor: Imran Khan