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Analysis of Hydrometeor Based Attenuation for Satellite Link Budget

Performance Analysis, Modeling, and Validation

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As the scarcity of the radio spectrum implies difficulties in the earth-space communication link especially in satellite communication, it is necessary to estimate the amount of attenuation to ensure efficient utilization of the spectrum. By the scarcity in the frequency spectrum, the coming era will demand more data to be transferred at certainly more speed. And, this will demand for the higher frequencies. Keeping in mind the end goal to exploit present day space communications innovation, acknowledgment of a household correspondence satellite systems with impressive communication link at Ku-band is attainable. Climate is exceptionally unverifiable and labile hydrometeor activities make issue in a satellite communication. The real issue connected with the communication links at these high frequency radio waves is the rain attenuation estimation. In this book, a productive approach to gauge rain and cloud attenuation is discussed especially to give better execution at 12-40 GHz band. A comparative analysis of rain attenuation estimation models at 12-40 GHz band over ESCL have been carried out at real urban communities of India by considering information of NSS-6 satellite.


Autor: Parth Panchal