The Who, What, and Where of America

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 The Who, What, and Where of America
 - The Who, What, and Where of America

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The Who, What, and Where of America is designed to provide a sampling of key demographic information. It covers the United States, every state, each metropolitan statistical area, and all the counties and cities with a population of 20,000 or more. Who: Age, Race and Ethnicity, and Household Structure What: Education, Employment, and Income Where: Migration, Housing, and Transportation Each part is preceded by highlights and ranking tables that show how areas diverge from the national norm. These research aids are invaluable for understanding data from the ACS and for highlighting what it tells us about who we are, what we do, and where we live. Each topic is divided into four tables revealing the results of the data collected from different types of geographic areas in the United States, generally with populations greater than 20,000. ·Table A. States ·Table B. Counties ·Table C. Metropolitan Areas ·Table D. Cities In this edition, you will find social and economic estimates on the ways American communities are changing with regard to the following: ·Age and race ·Health care coverage ·Marital history ·Education attainment ·Income and occupation ·Commute time to work ·Employment status ·Home values and monthly costs ·Veteran status ·Size of home or rental unit This title is the latest in the County and City Extra Series of publications from Bernan Press. Other titles include County and City Extra, County and City Extra: Special Decennial Census Edition, and Places, Towns, and Townships.

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