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Extensively revised and updated, the second edition of Essential Urology: A Guide to Clinical Practice provides support to primary care physicians through its review of common genitourinary problems. This edition continues to provide the primary care physician with tools to better recognize urological diseases as well as updated management strategies for these disorders. To enhance the theme of comprehensive care and family medicine, the volume is formatted according to the life cycle and the urological challenges, which may be detected and diagnosed by primary care physicians respective of the patient's stage in life, beginning with pregnancy and in utero diagnoses. Pediatric themes such as infection and voiding dysfunctions are followed by adult urological topics ranging from prostate diseases, nephrolithiasis, overactive bladder syndromes, incontinence and urological cancer screening. Three new chapters are added addressing male infertility/andrology and the growing demand for integrative and alternative medical care of urologic patients, as well as commonly encountered dermatological problems in the genital area.

Essential Urology: A Guide to Clinical Practice, Second Edition is extremely comprehensive and yet, very accessible. It is authored by experts representing the spectrum of urological subspecialties, further enhancing the value of this unique work.


From the reviews of the second edition:
"This textbook is the second edition of a practical publication which is intended for primary care physicians, general urologists, paediatricians, gynaecologists and allied health care providers. ... this work gathers various selected chapters dedicated to the most frequently encountered problems in practical urology, and which require a substantial basis of practical knowledge. ... this textbook offers an excellent overview of urological problems in clinical practice and can serve as a handy guide for many physicians." (European Urology Today, June/July, 2013)


Comprehensive and accessible, this extensively revised and updated second edition empowers primary care physicians with the latest tools for improving their diagnosis of urological diseases and provides the latest strategies for managing these disorders.


Herausgeber Jeanette M. Potts

Herausgeber Jeannette M. Potts



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Essential Urology

A Guide to Clinical Practice

Jeannette M. Potts

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