Towards Holistic Healing in Africa

von Akpotor, Rev. Ambrose
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Akpotor, Rev. Ambrose Towards Holistic Healing in Africa
Akpotor, Rev. Ambrose - Towards Holistic Healing in Africa

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The book examines holistic healing in Africa with a special focus on the Urhobo people in Nigeria. The primary purpose of the book is to showcase and revive the Africa healing system which is considered obsolete by adherents of Modern Religions and Modernity. Before the advent of other religions and the impact of modernity in Africa in general and Urhobo in particular, the people have their own way of addressing and eradicating health challenges culturally and religiously. The book, therefore, examines the process of healing in Africa and Urhobo in particular, as part of the desire for good health. The book is concerned with the methods of healing and raises questions on its relevance to contemporary time. The book affirms the relevance of the African healing system in the modern era of Christianity and Islam as well as technological, educational and social development. The book established that Africans attribute the emergence of illness to three etiological foundations of natural, human and supernatural. The causes of disease are considered as they serve as determinant factors for holistic healing.


Akpotor, Rev. Ambrose

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Dr. Ambrose Akpotor studied in the Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary, Ogbomoso and University of Jos, Nigeria. He obtained BTH, M.TH and PhD. He specialised in World Religions with a special interest in African Traditional Religion and Islam. He is currently lecturing at the Baptist Theological Seminary, Eku, Delta State, Nigeria.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing


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