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Betascript Publishing Yellow-Top Taxis
Betascript Publishing - Yellow-Top Taxis

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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Yellow-Top taxis are a collective group of individually-owned taxis in Singapore. They have a yellow top and black body, hence their name. They make up only 505 taxis in total (about 10% of the whole fleet). In 1933 Wearnes introduced the first private Yellow-Top taxis. These cabs were the first of their kind in colonial Singapore and have continued since then. These taxis are required to be replaced every eight years, or they may choose to have their licence acquired by Yellow-Top Cab and become a hirer of the taxi company. These taxis are expected to eventually cease to exist, however, as all new taxi drivers are required to hire their taxis from any of the Taxi Operator License holders. When taxi drivers reach the age of 73, they are required to surrender their license. If they die before reaching 73, STTA (see below) will then sell the license to another driver, who may continue to drive until he/she turns 73.

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