Learning from Other Religious Traditions - Leaving Room for Holy Envy

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Springer International Publishing Learning from Other Religious Traditions - Leaving Room for Holy Envy
Springer International Publishing - Learning from Other Religious Traditions - Leaving Room for Holy Envy

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This book brings together academic scholars from across various religious traditions to reflect on the beauty they find in traditions other than their own. They examine these aspects and reflect on how they inform and constructively assist with rethinking their own religious worldviews and practices. Each scholar investigates the various implications, questions, insights, and challenges that are generated in the process of doing so. Traditions discussed include Ásatrú Heathenism, Buddhism, Catholicism, Evangelical Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, LDS Mormon Christianity, Lutheranism, Presbyterianism, Sikhism, Sufism, Western Buddhism, and Zen Mahāyāna Buddhism. Instead of focusing only or primarily on the theory and practice of interreligious dialogue, this book presents living examples of learning from other religious traditions, identities, and persons. 

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XXXV, 186 p. 3 illus.

Foreword by Paul F. Knitter

1. Suppressing the Mosquitoes’ Coughs: An Introduction to Holy Envy

2. Nietzsche and the Jewish Jesus: A Reflection on Holy Envy

3.  Ibn al-‘Arabi and the Virtues of ‘Holy Envy’ in Islam

4. The Ritual of Everyday Life: Hindu Women’s Rituals, Mujerista Theology, and the Catholic Theology of Gender

5. Ásatrú and Hindu: From Prophecy to Dialogue

6. A Hindu Gift of Bestowal: Śankara’s Concept of Grace in a Buddhist Context

7.  Self-Reliant and Ecologically Aware: A Christian Appreciation of Buddhism

8. The Nembutsu of Jōdo Shinshū Buddhism

9. Buddhists, Get your Prayer On: Reflections on Christian Spontaneous Prayer by a Buddhist Chaplain Chaplain

10. A Mormon Pilgrimage to Sikh Sacred Practice, Text, and Temple

“Holy envy is a fascinating dynamic in the field of Interfaith relations and this book does an excellent job exploring the various academic and theological dimensions of it.” (Eboo Patel, author of Interfaith Leadership, 2016)
 “This book invites the reader to explore Krister Stendahl’s concept of ‘holy envy’ in a multi-faceted, thorough and highly touching way. Academic analyses and reflections over texts and practices - often included a personal narrative element - are crisscrossing religious traditions throughout the chapters. Rather than limiting the perspective to the necessity of interreligious encounters, the content of the book represents a transreligious adventure triggering curiosity and courage to encounter already existing shared practices with a hint of mutual transcendence.” (Anne Hege Grung,  University of Oslo, Norway)

“Learning from Other Religious Traditions shows in a variety of inspiring ways how what Krister Stendahl called “holy envy” of practices and teachings in other traditions is an expression of humility born of a grounded faith. From its foreword — really, an enlightening full-length essay — by Paul Knitter and the moving opening paragraphs of Hans Gustafson’s introductory chapter, through each of the other nine essays, this book is a sterling example of how reverence for other traditions enriches the lives of those who practice the virtue of ‘holy envy.’” (John Merkle, College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University, USA)

Gustafson, Hans;Gustafson
Presents living examples of learning from religious traditions outside of ones own.

Contains perspectives from traditions outside of the major "World Religions."

Written by established and respected scholars.

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Springer International Publishing
Hans Gustafson is Director of the Jay Phillips Center for Interfaith Learning at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota, where he teaches courses in the areas of (inter)religious studies and theology.


"I recommend the book for graduate courses in religious studies, theology, and pastoral ministry, all of whom may benefit from engagement with dimensions of the book. It also speaks to the growing consensus that theological reflections on interreligious themes be grounded in friendship, history, and practice, rather than abstract discussions of truth." (Erik Ranstrom, Journal of Hindu-Christian Studies, Vol. 33 (1), 2020)

1st ed. 2018


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