New Principles in Developmental Processes

von Springer Tokyo
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Springer Tokyo New Principles in Developmental Processes
Springer Tokyo - New Principles in Developmental Processes

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During the last decade, modern technologies have made a revolutionary change in developmental biology. The molecular and cellular processes in live embryos can now be visualized thanks to technologies using fluorescent proteins. The whole genome information of a wide range of animal species has now become available, confirming the common principles that operate in every species. These and other advances in our understanding of the developmental processes during embryogenesis and tissue regeneration have put forward new principles.
Those new principles will also be important in the stem cell biology, branched from developmental biology, in order to generate a particular tissue by manipulating stem cells.
This book is planned to introduce these new principles to readers who are working in developmental biology and/or stem cell biology fields, with an emphasis on genetic and cellular processes.

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IX, 321 p. 114 illus., 102 illus. in color.
Part I Making cells unequal in a tissue to form embryos and organs.- Chapter 1 Taxon-specific maternal factors for germline specification.- Chapter 2 Establishment of Anterior-Posterior axis in the mouse embryo.- Chapter 3 Cell competition: the struggle for existence in multicellular communities.- Chapter 4 Building functional internal organs from a naïve endodermal sheet.- Part II Choosing a fate from multiple potencies.- Chapter 5 Determination of stem cell fate in planarian regeneration.- Chapter 6 Regulation of axial stem cells deriving neural and mesodermal tissues during posterior axial elongation.- Chapter 7 Tbx1/Ripply3/retinoic acid signal network that regulate pharyngeal arch development.- Part III Cells in a community of reorganizing tissues.- Chapter 8 Interaction of epithelial cells and basement membrane in the regulation of EMT exemplified in chicken embryo gastrulation.- Chapter 9 Making the Neural Plate to Fold into a Tube.- Chapter 10 Contribution of apoptosis in the cranial neural tube closure indicated by mouse embryo live imaging.- Part IV Heterologous tissue interactions to generate a function.- Chapter 11 Secondary Smad1/5/8-dependent signaling downstream of SHH determines digit identity.- Chapter 12 Deciphering cerebellar neural circuitry involved in higher order functions using zebrafish model.- Chapter 13 Primitive erythroblast cell autonomously regulates the timing of blood circulation onset via a control of adherence to endothelium.- Chapter 14 Limb regeneration: Reconstitution of complex organs using specific tissue interactions.- Part V New players in signaling systems.- Chapter 15 Context-dependent bidirectional modulation of Wnt/β-catenin signaling.- Chapter 16 The role of Tsukushi as an extracellular signaling coordinator.- Chapter 17 Divergent roles of heparan sulfate in regulation of FGF signaling during mammalian embryogenesis.- Chapter 18 Cooperation of signaling for tissue interaction and Hox genes in tissue precursor patterning.- Part VI Evolutional variations stemming from common principles.- Chapter 19 Molecular and cellular bases of sexual flexibility in vertebrates.- Chapter 20 Differential use of paralogous genes via evolution of cis-regulatory elements for divergent expression specificities.- Chapter 21 Fins and Limbs: emergence of morphological differences.- Chapter 22 The turtle evolution - a conundrum in vertebrate Evo-Devo  
Kondoh, Hisato;Kondoh
Kuroiwa, Atsushi;Kuroiwa
Unique state-of-the-art discussion of developmental principles

Deliberately chosen topics clearly emphasize the new principles in developmental processes

Authored by new generation of developmental biologists

Includes supplementary material:

Springer Tokyo
Hisato Kondoh (PhD. Professor, Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences, Osaka University) Atsushi Kuroiwa (PhD. Professor, Graduate School Science, Nagoya University)
Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2014


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