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Grexodus: Notes for a Non-strategic Strategy

von Gavriilidis, Akis
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Gavriilidis, Akis Grexodus: Notes for a Non-strategic Strategy
Gavriilidis, Akis - Grexodus: Notes for a Non-strategic Strategy

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Since 2010, Greece is in unprecedented financial crisis and turmoil, due to its public debt. This led to a wave of social unrest, and eventually to the ascension of SYRIZA to power. It was practically the first time when the non-socialist Left formed a government in a European country. These developments generated worldwide interest, and they have been closely watched by both mainstream and alternative media. Their reports convey intense affect: hope, curiosity, fear, enmity, disappointment ... according to who or when is speaking. Thus, a large corpus of relevant texts already exists. These often seem a fruit of projection: people adapt and translate what they see to a pre-existing, familiar vocabulary. This is inevitable; any discourse on politics involves a work of translation, even when it is pronounced in the native language. This book provides its own version, based on a view "from the inside", or from between the inside and the outside, which attempts to approach the political (and the economical -to the extent we can distinguish them) from a point of view of the "materialism of the encounter", without reducing them to moralism, legalism, militarism, or any other essentialism.


Gavriilidis, Akis

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Akis Gavriilidis is an independent writer and translator born in Thessaloniki, Greece, in 1964, and living in Belgium. He has completed a PhD on legal philosophy and a post-doc on political anthropology. He has published 7 books (in Greek). Original and translated texts by him are available in scholarly and political journals and on the Internet.
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