Brezhnev: The Making of a Statesman

von Schattenberg, Susanne
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Schattenberg, Susanne Brezhnev: The Making of a Statesman
Schattenberg, Susanne - Brezhnev: The Making of a Statesman

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Newly translated into English, Schattenberg's book systematically dismantles the stereotypical and one-dimensional view of Brezhnev as the stagnating Stalinist by drawing on a wealth of archival research and documents not previously studied in English. The Brezhnev that emerges is a complex one, from his early apolitical years, when he dreamed of becoming an actor, through his swift and surprising rise through the Party ranks. This biography makes a convincing case that Brezhnev should be reappraised as one of the most interesting and important political figures of the twentieth century.


Schattenberg, Susanne

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Susanne Schattenberg is Professor of Contemporary History and Culture of Eastern Europe and the Director of the Research Centre for East European Studies at the University of Bremen. She has published numerous books and articles in English, Russian and German including, most recently, the first academic biography of Brezhnev (published so far in German and Russian).
Brezhnev has become the Soviet Union's forgotten leader. Lacking the historic stature of Lenin or Stalin, the colourful character of Khrushchev or the tragic qualities of Gorbackev, he has slipped off the historical radar. This well sourced biography by a German academic aims to rectify this omission. It comprehensively follows Brezhnev from his humble beginnings in Ukraine to his end, dying in office dependent on tranquilisers. Schattenberg has done a service in rescuing the Brezhnev period from obscurity. Andrew Murray The Morning Star
Introduction 1.Career Aspiration: Actor Or: An Ordinary Soviet Man 2."How the Steel was Tempered" Or: Career in Times of Terror and War 3.In Stalin's Shadow Or: Years of Apprenticeship of a General Secretary I 4.Under Khrushchev Or: Years of Apprenticeship of a General Secretary II 5.The Caring General Secretary Or: Collective Leadership as Theater 6.Live and Let Live Or: "Everybody Shall Live and Work in Peace" 7."Developed Socialism" Or: Relaunch of the Soviet Project? 8.Emotions and Pills in the Cold War Or: How to Act as Western Statesman 9.Thirst of Glory and Decay Or: The Loneliness of the General Secretary Epilogue
A major new biography of Leonid Brezhnev based on a wealth of archival research.
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