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The unprecedented resurgence, renewal, and rebirth of twenty-first century Christianity in postcolonial societies, such as Asia, Africa, and Latin America, calls for new insights, methodologies, and paradigms since the West can no longer be regarded as the sole citadel and cradle of the Christian faith. The Christian message has been reshaped and reappropriated in different contexts and cultures and, through this cross-cultural transmission and transformation, it has become a world religion. Contextualizing the Christian faith also entails decolonizing its theology, precepts, and dogma. These efforts continue to engender new initiatives and efforts in the intercultural, interconfessional, intercontinental, and interreligious dimensions of world Christianity. A New Day is a collection of essays in honor of Lamin Sanneh, one of the most adamant advocates and apostles of the radical change in the face of Christianity in the twenty-first century. The essays in this book by recognized scholars deal with issues, themes, and perspectives that are important for understanding Christianity as a world religious movement.


"A volume to honor Lamin Sanneh and his work could not be more appropriate than this. Internationally renowned for his writings on what is now referred to as world Christianity, Sanneh puts us all in his debt for reminding us that Christianity has always been a 'world religion' and that mission has never been unidirectional, from the West to the rest of the globe, but rather multidirectional. The historical scholarship and theological depth of the essays collected here are consistently high, and the themes discussed reflect the long-standing interests of the scholar they honor. I most strongly recommend this book for courses in church history and missiology." (Peter C. Phan, The Ignacio Ellacuria Chair of Catholic Social Thought, Georgetown University)
"Written to honor the wide range of Lamin Sanneh's scholarship, this volume of contributions by a number of prominent scholars navigates contemporary global Christian movements and encapsulates the inner strength and vitality of the Church in our generation. Informed and informing, theologians, educators, and practitioners will be challenged by this book to exercise their faith and religious conviction with courage and confidence. A must read for missiologists!" (Caleb O. Oladipo, Duke K. McCall Professor of Mission and World Christianity, Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond, Virginia)
"This splendid book honors the life and work of Lamin Sanneh, scholar 'extraordinaire' of the interaction of Christianity and Islam in Africa and the exposition of Christianity as a worldwide religion. Contributors to the volume provide original essays in fields such as postcolonial missiology, the understanding of Western and non-Western cultures and societies, the expression of multiple dimensions of Christianity, and the examination of interreligious perspectives, reflecting the many interests of their colleague and friend. The result is a fine tribute to an outstanding scholar and a fascinating representation of the many fields that have crossed in Sanneh's own history of scholarly pursuit." (Jane I. Smith, Harvard Divinity School)


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A New Day

Essays on World Christianity in Honor of Lamin Sanneh- Foreword by Andrew F. Walls

Akintunde E. Akinade

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