Practical MATLAB Modeling with Simulink - Programming and Simulating Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations

von Sulaymon L. Eshkabilov
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Sulaymon L. Eshkabilov Practical MATLAB Modeling with Simulink - Programming and Simulating Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations
Sulaymon L. Eshkabilov - Practical MATLAB Modeling with Simulink - Programming and Simulating Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations

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Employ the essential and hands-on tools and functions of MATLAB's ordinary differential equation (ODE) and partial differential equation (PDE) packages, which are explained and demonstrated via interactive examples and case studies. This book contains dozens of simulations and solved problems via m-files/scripts and Simulink models which help you to learn programming and modeling of more difficult, complex problems that involve the use of ODEs and PDEs.
You’ll become efficient with many of the built-in tools and functions of MATLAB/Simulink while solving more complex engineering and scientific computing problems that require and use differential equations. Practical MATLAB Modeling with Simulink explains various practical issues of programming and modelling.
After reading and using this book, you'll be proficient at using MATLAB and applying the source code from the book's examples as templates for your own projects in data science or engineering.  
What You Will Learn

  • Model complex problems using MATLAB and Simulink

  • Gain the programming and modeling essentials of MATLAB using ODEs and PDEs

  • Use numerical methods to solve 1st and 2nd order ODEs

  • Solve stiff, higher order, coupled, and implicit ODEs

  • Employ numerical methods to solve 1st and 2nd order linear PDEs

  • Solve stiff, higher order, coupled, and implicit PDEs

Who This Book Is For
Engineers, programmers, data scientists, and students majoring in engineering, applied/industrial math, data science, and scientific computing.  This book continues where Apress' Beginning MATLAB and Simulink leaves off.


Sulaymon L. Eshkabilov

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XXII, 473 p. 242 illus., 229 illus. in color.
Part I: Ordinary Differential EquationsChapter 1: Analytical Solutions of Ordinary Differential EquationsChapter 2: Numerical Methods for First Order ODEsChapter 3: Numerical Methods for Second Order ODEsChapter 4: Stiff ODEsChapter 5: Higher Order and Coupled ODEsChapter 6: Implicit ODEsChapter 7: Comparative Analysis of ODE Solution MethodsPart II: Ordinary Differential Equations-Boundary Value ProblemsChapter 8: Boundary Value ProblemsPart III: Applications of Ordinary Differential EquationsChapter 9: Spring-Mass-Damper SystemsChapter 10: Electro-Mechanical and Mechanical SystemsChapter 11: Trajectory ProblemsChapter 12: Simulation ProblemsPart IV: Partial Differential EquationsChapter 13: Solving Partial Differential Equations
A practical in-depth guide on MATLAB and Simulink using differential equation packages

Includes practical case study examples from data science and engineering

MATLAB is the leading mathematical and computational science tool in use by industry

Sulaymon L. Eshkabilov, PhD is currently a visiting professor at the Department of Agriculture and Biosystems, North Dakota State University, USA. He obtained his ME diploma from Tashkent Automobile Road Institute, his MSc from Rochester Institute of Technology, NY, USA and his PhD from Cybernetics Institute of Academy Sciences of Uzbekistan in 1994, 2001 and 2005, respectively. He was an associate professor at Tashkent Automobile Road Institute for December 2006 – January 2017. He also held visiting professor and researcher positions at Ohio University, USA for 2010/2011 and Johannes Kepler University, Austria in January – September 2017. He teaches courses: “MATLAB/Simulink applications for mechanical engineering and numerical analysis” and “Modeling of Engineering Systems” for undergraduate students, “Advanced MATLAB/Mechatronics” seminar/class, “Control applications”, “System identification”, “Experimentation and testing with analog and digital devices” for graduate students. 
His research areas are mechanical vibrations, control, mechatronics and system dynamics. He is an author of over 30 research papers published in peer reviewed journals and conference proceedings in the USA, UK, Uzbekistan, Portugal, Russian Federation, India, Germany and Egypt, and four books published in the USA, Uzbekistan and Sweden. Two of the four books are devoted to MATLAB/Simulink applications for mechanical engineering students and numerical analysis. He has worked as an external academic expert in the European Commission to assess academic projects for 2009 – 2018 and coordinated/authored five institutional joint European projects funded by the European Commission for 2003 – 2016 that involved over two dozen universities from Uzbekistan, UK, Sweden, Italy, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Romania and Belgium.  
1st ed.


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