European Traditions in Didactics of Mathematics

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Springer International Publishing European Traditions in Didactics of Mathematics
Springer International Publishing - European Traditions in Didactics of Mathematics

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This open access book discusses several didactic traditions in mathematics education in countries across Europe, including France, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, the Czech and Slovakian Republics, and the Scandinavian states. It shows that while they all share common features both in the practice of learning and teaching at school and in research and development, they each have special features due to specific historical and cultural developments. The book also presents interesting historical facts about these didactic traditions, the theories and examples developed in these countries.

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V, 212 p. 28 illus., 10 illus. in color.

Chapter 1. European Didactic Traditions in Mathematics: Introduction and Overview.- Chapter 2. The French Didactic Tradition in Mathematics.- Chapter 3. Didactics of mathematics in the Netherlands.- Chapter 4. The Italian Didactic Tradition.-Chapter 5. The German Speaking Didactic Tradition.- Chapter 6. Didactics of Mathematics as a Research Field in Scandinavia.- Chapter 7. Czech and Slovak Research in Didactics of Mathematics Tradition and a Glance at Present State.

Blum, Werner;Blum
Artigue, Michèle;Artigue
Mariotti, Maria Alessandra;Mariotti
Sträßer, Rudolf;Sträßer
Van den Heuvel-Panhuizen, Marja;Van den Heuvel-Panhuizen
Presents details of traditions in didactics of mathematics in six European regions

Elaborates on special and common features in mathematics education

Provides a wealth of historical details about mathematics education, people, theories, studies, and achievements

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Springer International Publishing
"This is mostly useful as a reference text for experienced mathematics educators interested in further understanding the European traditions ... . Each chapter ends with a carefully-curated reference list, which I think is a major selling point of this book. These lists are excellent, comprehensive, and extensive, with many English-language references. They might be particularly useful for Ph.D. students in mathematics education, or others interested in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the didactical traditions summarized in this book." (Spencer Bagley, MAA Reviews, June 03, 2019)
1st ed. 2019


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