Balancing River Health and Hydropower Requirements in the Lancang River Basin

von Xuezhong Yu
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Xuezhong Yu Balancing River Health and Hydropower Requirements in the Lancang River Basin
Xuezhong Yu - Balancing River Health and Hydropower Requirements in the Lancang River Basin

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This book assesses river health in the Lancang River Basin with regard to the impacts of hydropower projects. It studies key components of the transboundary effects of Chinese dams on the Lancang River including its hydrology, sediment transport, water temperature, and fish community. It also investigates the specific impacts of hydropower on women’s lives and livelihoods, and factors that influence women’s participation in river health management. In closing, the lessons learned regarding environmental protection and hydropower development in the Lancang River Basin are shared, e.g. with hydropower developers and regulators in Laos.


Xuezhong Yu
Daming He
Phouvin Phousavanh

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X, 287 p. 85 illus., 59 illus. in color.
River Health Assessment.- Improving River Health Through Mitigation and Monitoring.- Transboundary Environmental Effects of Hydropower.- Changes In Women’s Livelihood In Areas Affected By Hydropower Projects.- Case Study: Experience Sharing in Laos.- Synthesis.
Provides comprehensive research on river health and hydropower’s effects on the Lancang River

Promotes transboundary communications in the Lancang-Mekong region

Analyzes the lessons learned in China with regard to preserving river health despite hydropower development measures

Springer Singapore
- Xuezhong Yu, Ph.D., P.Eng., Professorate Senior Engineer

Senior Environmental Specialist

Ecofish Research Ltd.

Prof. Xuezhong Yu is a water resources specialist with 25 years of experience in academia and consulting sectors. Dr. Yu draws his experience in water, energy, agriculture, and environmental industries. His research interests include environmental modeling, environmental impact assessment and environmental management, hydropower sustainability, and watershed management. He has led over 50 research and consulting projects to support the feasibility study, design and operation of large infrastructures. His contributions were disseminated through publication of over 100 journal and conference papers, 3 books, 60 reports, and special conference panels/sessions devoted to his works. In 2008-2010 he participated in the development of Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol which is widely accepted and recognized globally as an enhanced sustainability assessment tool used to measure and guide performance in the hydropower sector.

- Daming He, Ph.D., Professor


Asian International Rivers Center, Yunnan University

Prof. Daming He’s multi-disciplinary research and teaching background includes hydrology, water resources, physical geography, and environmental security, with a focus on utilization, allocation, and management of water resources, EIA of cascade dams, ecosystem change and eco-security in international rivers. Since 2001, he has greatly facilitated the development of capacity building, education, and academic innovative group of international rivers and trans-boundary eco-security as leading scientists. He has finished over 50 projects and jointly published over 200 articles and 16 books.

- Phouvin Phousavanh, Ph.D.

Fresh Water Fisheries Ecologist

Faculty of Agriculture, National University of Laos (NUOL)

Dr. Phouvin Phousavanh has been a lecturer in the Agriculture Faculty of the National University of Laos since 2005. Currently he is developing a curriculum for a Master’s program in aquatic resources management and aquaculture technology; Sustainable Hydropower Development in Laos. He has also spent periods as an expert on pre-impoundment fisheries at hydropower projects; Involved training programs related in hydropower development in Mekong region (Trainee and trainer). 

Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2019


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