Mind Genomics - A Guide to Data-Driven Marketing Strategy

von Veljko Milutinovic
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Veljko Milutinovic Mind Genomics - A Guide to Data-Driven Marketing Strategy
Veljko Milutinovic - Mind Genomics - A Guide to Data-Driven Marketing Strategy

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In this book, the authors describe how Mind Genomics works - a revolutionary marketing method that combines the three sciences of Mathematics, Psychology, and Economics - in a masterful way. Mind Genomics helps the seller of products and services to know what people are thinking about them before one ever commits to an approach by knowing what is important to the people one is trying to influence. Mind Genomics identifies what aspects of a general topic are important to the audience, how different people in the audience will respond to different aspects of that topic, and how to pinpoint the viewpoints of different audience segments to each aspect of the topic.

A careful step by step approach explains what activities ought to be taken and what scenarios must be followed while applying this method in order to find the right way to capture the hearts and minds of targeted audiences. This book explains how Mind Genomics plays a matching game with one’s potential audience and various ways one can present the products and ideas resulting in a systematic approach to influencing others, backed by real data; how one can play with ideas, see patterns imposed by the mind and create new, inductive, applied sciences of the mind, measuring the world using the mind of man as the yardstick. In details it describes how everyday thought is transferred into actionable data and results.

Whether one is a senior marketer for a large corporation, a professor at a university, or administrator at a hospital, one could use Mind Genomics to learn how to transform available information into actionable steps that will increase the products sales, or increase the number of interested students for a new university program, or the number of satisfied patients in the hospital with their medical conditions kept at highest levels after leaving it.  

Mind Genomics was first introduced by Dr. Howard Moskowitz, an alumnus of Harvard University and the father of Horizontal Segmentation - a widely accepted business model for targeted marketing and profit maximization. 


Veljko Milutinovic
Jakob Salom

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Shows how Mind Genomics, one of the best marketing methods (according to Malcolm Gladwell), works

Helps in determining the prevailing customer mind types, using modern techniques

Shows how to create the best marketing slogans, using high-technology resources

Springer International Publishing


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