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This book is oriented towards the issue of implementation of optimal taxation practices to combat money laundering. It handles the issue through the guidelines and the directives of global international organizations, such as IMF, OECD, FATF and EU. These organizations have created a complex network of exchanging vital information between the countries involved about money laundering and subsequent to development or to recession of an economy. Lists of non-cooperative countries in the area of exchange of information to combat money laundering are issued in an annual basis. Various studies have been conducted by both public and private entities on the field, recognizing the contribution of money laundering in the modern globalized economy as well as its crucial importance towards the desired economic growth and reduction of public deficits. Certain factors that excise great influence however on this area have been omitted. Possible deficiencies and omissions of the current taxation practices are investigated and improvements and information which should be seriously taken into account from all the parties involved are suggested, in the path towards a sustainable economic growth.


Autor Ioannis Gasteratos


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Optimal taxation practices, offshore companies and money laundering

International optimal taxation practices to combat money laundering and its role towards a sustainable economic growth

Ioannis Gasteratos

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