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Movie Music, Vol. 2

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Künstler: Braid
Label: Polyvinyl


Initially packaged together for pre-order with its singles companion piece, Movie Music, Vol. 2 -- Braid's complete collection of compilation tracks and cover recordings -- was eventually released separately from the similarly titled collection Movie Music, Vol. 1. Not nearly as consistent as its immediate predecessor, volume two features some clunky early recordings in its chronologically sequenced compilation section. These first-ever Braid recordings are muddled and amateurish, but fans might enjoy the intimacy and complete lack of pretension. Of the artists covered during the six-song end section, Billy Joel ("My Life") and the Smiths ("There Is a Light That Never Goes Out") get the most interesting treatments. The remaining numbers offer little in the way of fresh interpretation or respectful homage. While Movie Music, Vol. 2 fails to match volume one in quality, there are still plenty of nice moments that chart Braid's rise to emo prominence. ~ Vincent Jeffries