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  • Dodax
  • Lieferung zwischen Dienstag, 1. August und Donnerstag, 3. August
  • Kategorie: Classic Rock
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Label: Cleopatra


For the longest time, Rob Zombie wished he could have been as cool as Electric Hellfire Club. Ironically enough, the release of Electronomicon sees the seminal gothic fave gone in Zombie's direction by employing ever more industrial-strength repetitive guitar thrashing and catchy choruses with far less doomy, keyboard-drenched dance fare. The addition of several prominent guest musicians from the underground black metal scene (from Dark Funeral, Hypocrisy, and In Aeternum) is apparent from the noticeably increased heft; however, the campy fun that has always been EHC's trademark remains in spite of this. "Hypochristian" is the indicative track, consisting of a simple loop and a greasy riff right out of Zodiac Mindwarp's bag of tricks, leading the way beneath cynical, silly, anti-Christian rhetoric. While some older fans will sneer that their favorite band has "gone metal," the fact is that a loud guitar was always the staple of the devil's music, and so it shall remain. [This version of the album includes bonus material.] ~ Brian O'Neill