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Künstler: Flaco Jiminez
Übersetzer: Jose Rosario
Künstler: Flaco Jiménez


Flaco Jimenez is best known for his energetic pop conjunto accordion style as a member of the Texas Tornadoes (with Doug Sahm, Freddy Fender, and Augie Meyers) and for his impressive session work with the likes of Bob Dylan, Dwight Yoakam, Ry Cooder, the Clash, Willie Nelson, and many others. On Squeeze Box King, Jimenez drops the pop sheen and steps out into more traditional grassroots territory with a selection of polkas, boleros, and rancheras, all done with a sparse and genuine conjunto swing. The album opens with a well- known party polka, "En El Cielo No Hay Cerveza" ("In Heaven There Is No Beer"), but the version here is truly unique, with verses sung in English, Spanish, and Dutch, making it undoubtedly the first tri-lingual polka ever attempted. The Cumbia beats on "Ojitos Negros" mark it as a highlight, and the Afro/Cuban boleros are striking, as well, particularly the haunting "Tan Sola." The heart of the album, though, is Jimenez's Tex-Mex approach to the four rancheras ("De Donde Has Sacado," "Tumbo Sin Flores," "La Rosa Negra," and the album's closer, "La Tormenta"). Rancheras are nostalgic songs of loss and betrayal (and strong romantic nationalism), sort of Mexico's version of straight country & western music. The rancheras presented here are lovingly done, and are obviously close to the heart of this fine musician. ~ Steve Leggett