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Künstler: Marshall Crenshaw
Label: Relativity
Label: Red River


Marshall Crenshaw decided to embrace the ever-shifting pop landscape of the new millennium by instituting a Kickstarter-fueled subscription series, wherein over the course of two years, he would give subscribers a 10" EP (accompanied by a card for a high-quality digital download) consisting of a new song, a cover, and a re-recording of one of his old songs every few months. Released in January 2013, I Don't See You Laughing Now is the first of these and it's a strong way to begin the series. The title track is a hooky midtempo original, pitched halfway between his classic debut and his co-writers the Gin Blossoms; the cover is an expert re-creation of the eerie, elegant baroque folk of the Move's "No Time"; and the whole thing concludes with an earthy rendition of "There She Goes Again," performed live with the Bottle Rockets. Everything here showcases Crenshaw's immaculate good taste and craftsman skills, making it an enticing introduction to the series as a whole. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine