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Künstler: Ohio Players
Label: Goldenlane
Label: Cleopatra


The Ohio Players were one of the tightest and most ferocious funk outfits of the '70s, scoring a stack of hit R&B singles (and even a few that topped the pop charts) and earning a reputation as one of the mightiest live acts of the day. But Love Rollercoaster: Anthology 1967-1988 is not a typical set of career highlights. This set kicks off with newly re-recorded versions of "Love Rollercoaster" and "Fire," the group's two biggest hits. The set also tosses in live recordings of three of their more popular '70s tracks, "Skin Tight," "Who'd She Coo?," and "Sweet Sticky Thing," and these live cuts find the Players in blazing form. Love Rollercoaster also includes seven songs from the Players' rare debut album, 1968's Observations in Time, which found the group in a more jazzy, blues-influenced groove than the work that would make them stars a few years down the line. Two tunes come from a 1988 reunion album called Back, and the remainder of the album has been drawn from obscure small-label singles from the late '60s and early '70s. ~ Mark Deming