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Künstler: The Capitol Years
Label: Park the Van


The buzz says that in a live setting, the Capitol Years come on like the Who. Those whose only exposure to them comes from this album, though, may find themselves thinking more in terms of the Apples in Stereo or maybe Seals & Crofts. To call this music wimp rock isn't to disparage it, at least not completely -- songwriter and frontman Shai Halperin sings in a soft, high-pitched voice that isn't quite a falsetto but isn't quite manly enough to be called a tenor either, and his marked penchant for chiming guitars and ethereal melodies completes the picture of someone who really, honestly misses the early '70s. But then there are the changeups that take you pleasantly by surprise: the startlingly tight and relatively tough rock of "Long Time," the perfect popcraft of "Oh Lord," the borderline anthemic "You Can Stay There." The fact that these moments are surrounded by such gauzy filler as "Chandelier" and the pretty but downright bloodless "Revolutions" only makes them hit that much harder. And even the wimpy stuff is really quite pretty. Recommended. ~ Rick Anderson