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Punk Tribute to Weezer

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Künstler: Various
Label: Cleopatra


Embraced by alternative rock radio and cherished by indie rockers, Weezer have never been far removed from the punk gene pool. So the appearance of A Punk Tribute to Weezer isn't as great a stretch as an industrial tribute or a "Pickin' On Weezer" album (both of which are surely in the works in these tribute-crazed times). A largely West Coast 1980s punk crowd has shown up for this tribute, including the Angry Samoans with "Buddy Holly," which stays true to the original with only a snarly vocal and rougher production separating the two. Many of the bands tend to end up with the same pop-punk output, with highlights being the Vibrators with "Photograph" and an Urge Overkill meets BTO rendition of "Dope Nose" from unknowns the Targets. A few songs defy the pop-punk formula, although neither Dr. Know's homeless beachfront psychopath take on "Undone (The Sweater Song)" or Flipper's sludge-punk "Hash Pipe" successfully retools the originals. Like so many tributes, A Punk Tribute to Weezer is a mixed bag that will appeal to aging punk fans and Weezer fanatics. ~ Wade Kergan