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Illustrator: Chuck Wright
Regisseur: Vicenzo LoRusso
Label: Cleopatra


Mutated...Manipulated...Translated gives the tribute treatment to that venerable voice of a generation, Limp Bizkit. This time out, however, tongue seems to be firmly planted in cheek as several of the low-watt artists are more interested in mocking the Bizkit than paying homage. Bizkit's biggest hit, "Nookie," is given a sleepy lounge sheen by alt-rockers Gliss. The only name to appear more than once on the 15 tracks is Jasmine St. Clair, an adult film star who doesn't so much sing as recite versions of "No Sex" and "Stinky Finger," as well as providing an intro and outro to the album. Other tracks tackle Limp Bizkit through the filter of rap, nu metal, and punk, but are largely unmemorable. This will more than likely be sought out by die-hard Bizkit fans, and those wishing to pull a fiendish prank on their friends. ~ Wade Kergan