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Rough Guide to the Music of France

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Künstler: Diverse Rough Guide
Komponist: Trad.Frankreich
Künstler: VARIOUS
Illustrator: Wildcat


France has developed a strong musical scene over the last decade, one that treasures its past (evident in "La Bourée Des Capucins"), but also looks to a multi-cultural future, as evidenced by acts like Lo'Jo and Massilia Sound System. Inevitably, there's plenty of accordion -- just listen to Jo Privat & Didier Roussin or Les Orgres De Barback -- but not in the cheesy, sidewalk café sense. That bal musette music, so lovingly played by Les Primitifs du Futur (which includes cartoonist R. Crumb), has a lush, sensual quality that leads well into classic chanson from Edith Piaf or Léo Ferré. Gabriel Yacoub represents the Breton connection, where French and Celtic music meet. France is also home to some hot jazz and gypsy music, as typified by Romane and Angelo Debarre. The pipes are part of the French tradition and get an airing on the spicy "Cayenne," while the vocal past can be heard on "Deomp D'An Univet." Happily, the uncategorizable sound of Dédale is included -- and fitting end, since they're informed by French tradition, but intent on making something very new and challenging from the past. As an overview of French music, this is excellent. ~ Chris Nickson