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Emerald City

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Künstler: J. Abercrombie
Künstler: Richie Beirach
Label: Evidence
Illustrator: Patrick Roques


Depending on how you choose to define "jazz," this duet session linking pianist Richie Beirach with John Abercrombie (playing guitar synthesizer) may or may not fit your criteria. There are certainly passages with a rock sensibility, and Abercrombie's use of a guitar synthesizer may distress those who instinctively distrust electronics in any improvising context. But if you rank jazz pedigree on skills, individuality, and the willingness to take chances, then this date qualifies on all counts. Bierach and Abercrombie don't fall into quickly identifiable patterns. If you aren't appalled by Abercrombie's embrace of technology and want to hear material that doesn't fit any rigid definition, here's something right up your alley. ~ Ron Wynn