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Sonic Liberation Front's sophomore effort is another wondrous exercise in layered, Afro-Cuban and Yoruba aboriginal rhythms, new-era free jazz lyricism, subtle electronica, and inspired arrangements. Bassist Andy Gonzalez joins the band on Ashé a Go-Go enlarging the ensemble to an octet with a trio of vocalists guesting. There are seven tracks of the band's now-trademark gumbo, all but two of which were composed by the entire band. Playing in various permutations and doing whatever it takes (or doesn't) to get the music across, Sonic Liberation Front went for a more organic roots sound and less junglism on this disc. The result is a seamless, slowly unfolding mass of steamy, dark, rich, and multivalent music that careens across acceptable notions of their chosen genres of expression without desecrating them in the process. The discipline and focus on this set is almost stunning. The individual set pieces are part of a mass, one that is full of mystery, ciphers, and wonderfully engaged performances. Highly recommended. ~ Thom Jurek