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Künstler: Jeffrey Fisher


Jeffrey Fisher's Triumph of the Spirit was composed in conjunction with five paintings by Charles Collins, with one track corresponding to each. In addition to being a painter himself, Fisher is a teacher of T'ai Chi, among other activities, and his music is also intended as an accompaniment to his work in healing and massage therapy. For all that, the intentions of program music are, as ever, in the ear of the beholder, and whatever the associations and inspirations, the music of Triumph of the Spirit is classically influenced, if actually performed on synthesizer. Fisher clearly has a grounding in Johann Sebastian Bach and pre-Romantic styles, and his music is informed by those precursors, as his synthesizers evoke the sounds of organs, symphony orchestras, and choirs to pleasant effect. This is music that will remind some listeners of the efforts of Chip Davis and Mannheim Steamroller, although it is a bit more traditional sounding. ~ William Ruhlmann