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Künstler: Killwhitneydead
Label: Swell Creek


Killwhitneydead is quite probably responsible for creating a new subgenre of heavy metal: "sample metal." No, not metal loaded with electronic samples à la Fear Factory, but metal loaded with samples of dialogue from popular movies (and expectedly, movies that are dark). On their fifth full-length overall (sixth if you count the Hell to Pay -- an album only available online and at their shows), Nothing Less Nothing More, the song remains the same, as it's loaded with death metal vocals, pummeling metal, and of course, loads of sampled dialogue. The soft porn pix inside the CD booklet have cheap thrill written all over them, but musically, fans of the group's previous brutal output should enjoy the overflow of pent-up anger throughout Nothing Less Nothing More. The album opening "Words Don't Last Forever Your Wounds Will" and "White Trash But Worth Every Cent" best represent the aforementioned Killwhitneydead profile. ~ Greg Prato