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Shifting City

  • Dodax
  • Lieferung zwischen Dienstag, 1. August und Donnerstag, 3. August
  • Kategorie: Pop
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Künstler: John Foxx
Künstler: Louis Gordon
Label: Edsel


When John Foxx returned to music in 1995, he released two CDs within a very short space of time. Shifting City was closer to the "classic" Foxx sound of his earlier albums than Cathedral Oceans. With the assistance of Louis Gordon, Foxx created a CD of frightening experimental electronic sounds. To try to categorize this CD is very difficult. But one common trait runs throughout the music: strong melodies. Foxx has always been able to write very clever, beautiful tunes, and Shifting City is no exception. The songs are layered with exciting sounds, but the base of the music, the melody, is there throughout. ~ Aaron Badgley