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Künstler: Lemonade


The delicious combination of post-punk and pseudo-rave on Lemonade’s debut made for some interestingly slanted dance music. “Big Weekend” sounded like Manchester house, “Unreal” sounded like it was performed by a happier Public Image Ltd, and “Nasifon” could have been a cut on a Bollywood soundtrack. By the time of Diver, the True Panther trio had consolidated their scattered influences and jumped onto the chillwave bandwagon. But, like Baths and the Weeknd, their 2012 retro-styled bedroom recordings are designed with R&B flourishes, making for a minimal, beat-oriented take on dreamy synth pop, with Roland drum machine claps and kicks countering the icy Erasure-esque melodies. Perhaps the biggest change is how wholly clean and processed everything is, with pleasant, crystalline vocals washing about, and a reliance on ambient textures instead of tribal percussion. While many will be drawn into the slick, sugary sound, those already familiar with Lemonade’s work may find themselves disappointed by the glossy, overcooked production. However, it’s assuredly the group’s most congruent outing, and for nice background music that’s not overly engaging or challenging, Diver will satisfy your needs. ~ Jason Lymangrover