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An engaging pianist and singer, Memphis Slim recorded prolifically throughout his nearly fifty years as a professional musician, and the quality and consistency of the music he made during that career is an impressive achievement, particularly given the number of live recordings he did toward the end of it. This set may not actually contain all of the essentials (it lacks, for instance, Slim's signature song, "Nobody Loves Me," better known in its later incarnation as "Everyday I Have the Blues") but it builds well and is a whole lot of fun. Highlights include the lovely "Slim's Blues," a spunky and live-sounding "Tijuana," and a pair of crisply done solo piano turns, "Don't Want My Rooster Crowin'" and "Harlem Bound." A little too hit or miss to be considered a good introduction to Memphis Slim, this collection still has its charms. ~ Steve Leggett