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Künstler: Travis Haddix


With both Alberts sadly no longer with us and B.B. King threatening to retire, there's certainly a void in the blues world -- especially for some tasty and spacious guitar work à la the aforementioned masters. As heard throughout his 2008 release, Daylight at Midnight, Travis Haddix has certainly answered the call. Having issued countless releases over the years for a variety of smaller labels (including Ichiban and his own imprint, Wann-Sonn Records), Daylight at Midnight is Haddix's first for Earwig Music. And the label switch hasn't hampered the singer/guitarist's desire to offer authentic blues-rock (which includes standout horn, harmonica, and piano work), as heard on such standouts as the album-opening "Word a Lie" and "Daylight at Midnight," as well as the vintage Stax-esque sounds of "Who Could I Be?" Overall, Daylight at Midnight could be studied as a 101 course on how to play undoctored and real blues-rock -- the right way. ~ Greg Prato