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Charlie Bravo

  • Dodax
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  • Kategorie: Weltmusik
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Künstler: Charlie Bravo
Label: Triloka


From rock en español to Latin pop to nuevo flamenco, the language barrier will inevitably keep some non-Latinos from enjoying Latin music. There are some listeners who simply don't want to listen to a song if they don't understand its lyrics, although more broad-minded listeners will be drawn to an appealing melody or beat whether or not they understand a song's lyrics. Of course, Latin artists don't need non-Latin listeners to validate them, but it's regrettable when someone deprives himself/herself of the richness of José José, los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Selena, or Olga Tañon because of the language barrier. The ironic thing is that if an artist as charismatic as Charlie Bravo sang in English exclusively, he'd probably become a superstar in the English-language market. This self-titled debut album is an excellent pop/rock and adult contemporary offering with mostly Spanish lyrics -- occasionally the Mexican vocalist sings in English, but Spanish lyrics are dominant. And whether or not you speak Spanish, it's clear that Bravo has a lot of charm as well an appealing sense of melody. Again, Latin artists don't need non-Latin listeners to validate them -- Charlie Bravo would be a gem even if it didn't reach a single non-Latin listener. Nonetheless, an album this enriching deserves to reach as wide an audience as possible. ~ Alex Henderson