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Rough Guide to Colombian Street Party

  • Dodax
  • Lieferung zwischen Donnerstag, 26. Oktober und Montag, 30. Oktober
  • Kategorie: Weltmusik
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One of the beauties of this disc is that most of the artists are unknown on the international scene -- only the excellent Columbiafrica has made any real impact, and that was small. But there's some outstanding material here, not only from that band, but also Chocquibtown's native hip-hop on "Somos Pacifico" and Radio Cumbia's "El Pipiloco," where the cumbia truly does become a party rhythm with the addition of some great scratching. Much the same is true of the accordion-powered Grupo Retrovisor, while the wonderfully named Dr. Krapula lets the electric guitars go crazy with "Luchando Voy." Interestingly, the collection starts with something very rooted in "Merengue Fato," although still eminently danceable, and to close it connects the dots between Colombia and Africa with Makina El Karibe's "El Vendeor." The whole thing even touches on acoustic pop with Creole's three-chord trick on the English language "Hold On." Yes, there are other tracks that don't match the quality, but as a party album, it definitely fits the bill. ~ Chris Nickson