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It's not really Introducing Wayne Gorbea, since he's enjoyed a career that stretches back more than three decades. His salsa dura style has been an N.Y.C. staple, and this compilation cherry-picks some of the best cuts, like "Dejame un Lado" with its stunning piano break. "Contigo No" gives a wonderful slow burn that heats up as the track goes along on an excellent late-'70s track. It would have been more useful if the compilation had been a chronological progression, but there's no doubting the quality of the music, or the fact that he's been an influential figure in the movement over the years. But everything comes really alive on the two live cuts that close the disc. Both over ten minutes long, they capture the power and excitement of the band in full flight. "El Yo-Yo" hits the classic in the gut, giving the musicians time to stretch out, and "La Lengua" does exactly the same, but with a bit more delicacy, with some wonderful work between piano and trombone that just flies. Fabulous stuff from a musician (and his band) who deserve more credit. ~ Chris Nickson