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  • Kategorie: Weltmusik
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Künstler: Pharaoh's Daughter
Label: OY


Led by the sweet vocals of singer Basya Schechter, Pharaoh's Daughter weave some very intricate musical patterns that are somewhat psychedelic, primarily worldly and generally quite satisfying. For example, the delicate opener "By Way of Haran" sets the tone for a slightly late-'60s feeling one would get from listening to the Doors, particularly when the keyboard comes in halfway through. The band revisits this realm often, especially with the slow, creeping "Ka Ribon," which shows Schechter's strong vocals over the Middle Eastern arrangement which builds with each verse into a fuller, more appealing and slightly jazzy format. This feeling returns later on during the shuffling, tango-tinged "Hashomer." Although things simmer down with the hypnotic "Samai," Pharaoh's Daughter return with the sultry and stylish "Hagar" which is an early highlight off the record. Perhaps the greatest asset the group has is the ability to seamlessly blend influences from rock and pop along with traditional Middle Eastern influences without compromising or undermining either realm. This is proven again during "Ven Hermosa" which has a fine rhythm that twists and turns throughout the song. Although Schechter gives a myriad of strong performances, perhaps her best is during the infectious "Yona" which is a warm, folksy kind of effort. ~ Jason MacNeil