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  • Dodax
  • Lieferung zwischen Dienstag, 31. Oktober und Donnerstag, 2. November
  • Kategorie: Weltmusik
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    Disk 1 (CD)

  • 1 Therapy
    04:01 Pi
  • 2 Happyland
    04:30 Pi
  • 3 Rules
    04:14 Pi
  • 4 Target
    03:40 Pi
  • 5 Little Secret
    03:39 Pi
  • 6 Still Waiting
    04:09 Pi
  • 7 Out of Time
    04:11 Pi
  • 8 Biology
    03:04 Pi
  • 9 Pretty Good For a Girl
    01:17 Pi
  • 10 Hallway
    03:40 Pi
  • 11 Down to Be Down
    03:20 Pi
  • 12 Secret Man
    03:48 Pi


Künstler: Pi


Pi could be described as elegant, seductive, melodic, soulful, sexy, and dynamic as a performer. A few other adjectives could certainly apply to the angelic vocals she presents. The creative side of the artist is the part that needs to be taken very seriously. She writes songs with an intense dance groove and strong sensible lyrics which one can relate to easily. All considered she has a winning formula and she is running with it. Catch a train, plane, boat, whatever, but don't miss the chance to catch Pi. If one can not catch her live show, Irrational is certainly the next best thing. Buckle up because this artist does not let up on the vocal throttle for anything, it's full speed ahead. "Therapy" has an excellent dance groove equally matched with melodic vocals from Pi. Her vocal style has the charisma of Madonna with a vibrance that is very original. "Therapy" has a fresh rock feel with a strong dance music edge that makes the piece so infectious and entertaining. "Happyland" has a straightforward drumbeat that is put down with the resolution of a metronome by Diz. Before the chorus there is a strange element -- it is as if the bottom falls out of the drum track. This is a very cool effect, which slaps the listener with attentive force. The tempo is slowed down a notch for "The Rules," which has a soulful groove. Talmadge Morris takes the lead guitar solo on a Spanish guitar that lends a new element in the structure of the album. "Secret Man" kicks off with a conventional groove, but it doesn't last. With a pleasing effect on the listener, Pi transcends into her own unique sound which screams of originality. Pi has put together an album that has a new millennium feel which virtually screams fresh and vibrant. Much in the same vein as Madonna's Music CD, this one has originality and uniqueness that too few albums achieve. Every once in a while, one comes across an album destined to leave its mark on the music scene -- this is one. One spin on the deck and most will agree that Pi has struck gold with this formula. Or is it platinum? ~ Larry Belanger