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Rough Guide to Merengue

  • Dodax
  • Lieferung zwischen Mittwoch, 1. November und Freitag, 3. November
  • Kategorie: Weltmusik
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Künstler: Diverse Rough Guide
Künstler: Various
Komponist: Diverse Merengue


You might not find much in the way of traditional merengue -- the dance associated with the Dominican Republic -- here, but you'll find plenty of hot pop meringue, be it the superbly infectious "La Ciguapa" by Chichi Peralta y Son Familia or the relentless "Caro" from Milly Quezada. The music here -- which follows up and is more sharply honed than a Rough Guide release from five years previously -- is definitely for the modern dancefloor, and quite definitely on the pop end of the spectrum. Yet there's nothing wrong with that; in fact, it's a tactic that might work to the disc's advantage. It's accessible, the kind of record that dares you not to move your feet as you listen. It's exactly the kind of thing that could find an audience for merengue among those who've heard the word but don't know the first thing about the musicians -- in other words, exactly what a compilation like this is supposed to do. Well researched, with good basic information about the history of merengue itself and the specific artists here, it's a very good primer. ~ Chris Nickson