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Künstler: Various
Label: VP Records


To the untrained ear, soca tunes can quickly meld into each other, the incessant percussion and horns jumbling into one long party song. It takes high quality bands to pull out the personality and individual spirit inherent in a good soca tune. Soca Gold 2000 has done just that, assembling the best soca records of the year for fans of the contagious sounds of carnival. Packed with 18 high-energy tracks, this collection boasts standouts such as Lima Calbio's "Fittest Shall Survive," dedicated to "all the lazy body man dem," Ronnie Macintosh's "You Ain't Going," full of wry humor, and "Yeah Yeah," a rare relaxed groove by Kevy Kev. In the words of featured soca singer Miss TC, Soca Gold 2000 is "hot like hellfire." ~ Rosalind Cummings-Yeates